Optional Tours

During your stay in Stockholm we want to give you the option to discover and experience everything the city has to offer. Therefore, we want to offer a number of optional tours that you can participate in when in Stockholm. 

Bookings will be available from March 23rd 2020.
Any questions regarding tours may be directed to julia.egelryd@lifeevent.se.

Old Town Sightseeing Tour

The Old Town in Stockholm is the original city center that dates back to the 13th century. This is where the Royal Palace and the Royal Chapel is located, and the cobblestone streets and alleyways are packed with cafés, restaurants, galleries, studios and museums. This part of town is truly the historical center of Stockholm and during the tour you will learn more about historical events and stories from the middle ages. 

Price: 500 SEK per person

Södermalm Sightseeing Tour

Södermalm is located on its own island in the south part of the city. This area became an Urban part of town in the mid 17th century and was the home for the city’s working class, who’s small red cottages still can be seen around Södermalm. Today this part is the city center for design and culture and is often compared to areas such as Shoreditch in London and Brooklyn in New York. This tour will take you to some of the most breathtaking views of Stockholm, through areas where you will find top class vintage stores located next to trendy cafés and bars.

Price: 500 SEK per person

Stockholm Yoga Experience

In need of a break and some new energy during the conference? This activity takes place in some of the most peaceful and beautiful places in Stockholm. Practice yoga and meditation while you enjoy the view of the city. The session is focused on breathing techniques, flow and state of mind and will help you relax from your everyday life.

Price: 500 SEK per person

Stockholm Shopping Tour

Stockholm has a lot to offer when it comes to design and fashion. During this tour you will have the opportunity to cover everything from Luxury Boutiques, Designer Brands and Scandinavian Fashion to Vintage Clothing and Interior Design. This tour is customized to your needs and input, and you will need to provide information to your fashion expert in advance who on the day of your tour will pick you up at your hotel for a personalized shopping experience!

Price: 700 SEK per person

Wine Tasting Experience

During this activity experts and wine ambassadors will lead you through tastings and pairings and you will learn how to taste, pair and buy different types of wine. Discover how the same wine can taste differently depending on what you have with and you will be introduced to five different basic tastes. This is only available for small groups to ensure a very personal service.

Price: 700 SEK per person

Swedish Fika Tour

Sweden have their own and unique tradition called fika. If you love coffee and all things sweet this is perfect for you. Stockholm is filled with different places to visit for a fika, and this tour takes you through the best cafés Stockholm has to offer!

Price: 700 SEK per person

The Wooden Bike Tour

Sweden is ranked as The Most Sustainable Country in the World. On this tour you will get a taste of this as you experience the most breathtaking views of Stockholm while riding on handcrafted wooden bikes. The tour starts of in the heart of the city and covers the many islands of Stockholm, for example one that is the world’s first ever city national park. This is the perfect way to cover the city and see the different landmarks while in one of the most bike friendly cities in the world.

Price: 600 SEK per person


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